Gülenayva is a digital creative agency serving lots of global and national brands since 2011.

Every project we get is treated like our own. We never drop a project before our work is done and we never say it’s done before we give it the effort and time it deserves. We are not good at determining the time and effort based on budget, always quality oriented no matter what.

We are somewhat obsessive about certain points; we don’t present an idea if it’s not original, we don’t start development if the design is not pixel perfect, we can not proceed if there is a performance bottleneck in our code, we don’t allow an animation play in peace if there is an imperfection about the easings, we can not settle down if there the voice over is not accompanied with a motion on every milliseconds of our videos, we can not publish a web page if Google page speed test tool doesn’t give it a green pass. We struggle with the details nobody ever will see. If nobody notices, we show it to to each other and congratulate ourselves.

We don’t have technology obsession but we are obsessive about new technologies. We start testing a new version of React when it’s alpha. We start to use it by patching it’s bugs when it’s in pre-production stage. We can not stop learning arduino even we don’t make any iot projects.