Pika ReTech

Services for this project

Brand strategy, Branding, UX/IU Design, UI/UX Development, Motion design, 3D Visualization


Unveiling the Vision: Understanding Pika ReTech

We initiated our journey with a deep dive into Pika ReTech's ethos, grasping their revolutionary goals in the wood industry. Our in-depth analysis allowed us to fully align with their vision for technological innovation and sustainability.


Strategic Brand Positioning: Setting the Stage for Innovation

Our approach to positioning Pika ReTech involved distinguishing their novel solutions in a traditional market. We meticulously crafted a narrative that showcased their capability to reimagine and revolutionize industry standards.


Crafting the Core Message: "ReInventing the Wheel"

The "ReInventing the Wheel" slogan was born out of a desire to epitomize the essence of Pika ReTech's mission. This slogan served as a beacon of innovation, encouraging a reevaluation of established industry perceptions.


The Emblem of Innovation: Designing the Reuleaux Triangle Logo

The selection of the reuleaux triangle for the logo was a pivotal decision, symbolizing Pika ReTech's commitment to pushing boundaries. This geometric choice was not only distinctive but perfectly mirrored their innovative spirit and alignment with the brand's positioning.


Naming as a Reflection of Revolution: The "Re" Series

We methodically named Pika ReTech's products to reflect the overarching theme of reinvention. Each product, from ReFogger to ReFlot, was a testament to the brand's focus on innovation, seamlessly tying into the reimagined brand identity.


Embedding Sustainability into the Brand DNA

Sustainability was not just a feature; it was a foundational pillar of the Pika ReTech narrative. We wove this principle into all aspects of communication, reinforcing Pika ReTech's role as a pioneer in eco-friendly technology.


Digital Storytelling: The Pika ReTech Website

The creation of the Pika ReTech website was a strategic endeavor to encapsulate their vision and values. It served as a digital narrative, rich with information on their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability.


Engaging and Informative Content: Videos and Presentations

Our development of video content and presentations was aimed at amplifying Pika ReTech's message. Through compelling storytelling, we showcased their groundbreaking solutions, making their innovative impact tangible to a global audience.