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VitrA Digital Price Catalog

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, the need for traditional businesses to adapt and embrace the digital era is paramount. VitrA, a leading brand in the sanitaryware industry, recognized the limitations and environmental implications of distributing price catalogs in print form. To align with sustainability goals and tackle the practical challenges of keeping printed materials up-to-date, VitrA embarked on a journey to digitalize its price catalog, aiming for a more efficient, accessible, and eco-friendly solution.


Project Overview

Our task was to develop a digital price catalog website that not only served as an online repository of product and pricing information but also enhanced the user experience through innovative design and technology. The project began with an in-depth analysis and research phase, engaging with various stakeholders, including VitrA dealers and sales personnel, to understand their needs and expectations from a digital catalog.


Challenges and Solutions

The transition from a printed to a digital catalog presented several challenges. Sales staff were accustomed to quickly finding what they needed in a 1200-page printed catalog. To address this, we designed a powerful search experience as the cornerstone of the digital catalog.

Smart Search System

We developed an intelligent search system that included:

Real-time search:

A client-side dataset for instant search results, with a "did you mean" feature to guide users effectively.

Backend search:

Server-side processing of search queries across the entire dataset, sorted by relevance.

Proximity search:

Employing a fuzzy search algorithm (developed by gülenayva) to find close matches when exact terms do not match, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of search results.

Entity prioritization:

Group-based result scoring to direct users according to their preferences.

Keyword mapping:

Bridging conversational language with technical dataset terms to ensure users are directed correctly even with varied terminologies.

False positive analysis:

A frustration detector algorithm (developed by gülenayva) to continuously refine search mappings based on behavior analysis and supervised learning.


User Experience

Beyond search, we focused on navigation and filtration, allowing users to quickly and easily find products through advanced filtering options and intuitive listing pages tailored to different categories.


Additional Features for an Enriched User Experience:

Recommendation system:

Leveraging product data to suggest compatible, complementary, or alternative products.

Pivot product feature:

Enabling users to find related products based on their preferences.

Custom user lists:

Allowing for personalized lists with sharing and collaborative features.

Wizard interfaces:

Assisting users in creating comprehensive lists for in-store inquiries or installation planning.

Offline integration:

QR code system for easy access to product details and prices seen in showrooms.

Comprehensive Notification System:

The notification system was expanded to include features such as bulk notification grouping, a search function for past notifications for tracking data changes, and web push notifications.

Custom Notes:

We implemented a feature allowing users to add personal notes to products, which are then included in their custom PDF outputs. This addition personalizes the browsing experience and makes the digital catalog a valuable tool for planning and purchasing.

PDF generation:

Enabling users to create custom PDF catalogs from any list for personal use, incorporating their notes and selections.

Feedback mechanism:

Facilitating just in place and just in time, direct user feedback for continuous improvement.

The VitrA Digital Price Catalog project exemplifies the power of digital transformation in addressing environmental concerns, enhancing user experience, and providing up-to-date product information. Through meticulous research, innovative design, and robust development, we delivered a solution that not only meets the current needs of VitrA's stakeholders but also sets a benchmark for the industry's digital engagement. This case study demonstrates our commitment to excellence, problem-solving capabilities, and the ability to harness technology to drive business value and sustainability.